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Old Yellowknife Self-Guided Tour

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CDÉTNO | City of Yellowknife | Yellowknife Heritage Committee

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Old Yellowknife Self-Guided Tour


Located north of the 60th parallel and only 500km from the Arctic Circle, Yellowknife is the last frontier town, built up in the wake of gold rush fever. It is situated on the traditional lands of the Yellowknives Dene First Nation, formerly known as Somba K’e, which means ‘where the money is.’ 

This multimedia tour will help you discover the oldest part of the City of Yellowknife. The tour will introduce you to many historic buildings. As if the walls could talk and leap forward in time, you will learn about the little-known aspects of the history of the town and its inhabitants. Log cabins, works of art and historic mining buildings come together along the tour, serving as a backdrop for the different stories. You will learn about larger-than-life characters. Whether they are trappers, bush pilots, geologists, miners, journalists, prospectors or courageous adventurers, these men and women made our city a unique place, where everyone can carve out a place. You will learn all about their stories and experience the atmosphere that prevailed in days gone by.

Nowadays, Yellowknife has become the diamond capital of North America and home to the Aurora Borealis. Located on the shores of Great Slave Lake, it continues to attract and seduce adventurers from around the globe.

We would like to thank the City of Yellowknife Heritage Committee; Ryan Silke, historian and content editor; Claude Hamel, researcher and writer; Annie Bouchard, voice over; Éric G. Langlois, voice over; Julie Miller, voice over; Nelson Gonyer, voice over; Gordon Cruise McBride, translator; Suzanne Lefebvre, translator; Cynthia Blais Despaty, translator; Anthony Ferri, Planner, City of Yellowknife; Robin Weber, Archival Technician, NWT Archives; Gérald Gilbert, Producer-coordinator and mixing; William Tremblay, sound recording; Jocelyne Roy, music research; David Hamel, mixing; Charles Nadeau, Sound Track Pro, special effects and music; computer graphics technician, Focus.Films, recording studio, Marie-Ève Duperré, Project officer and content contributor for the CDETNO; Anne-Christine Boudreau, executive director of the CDETNO. Produced by the CDETNO in collaboration with the City of Yellowknife.

Aperçu de la carte et des points d'intérêt

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  1.  1. Willow Flats

  2.  2. Old Woodstove Shop

  3.  3. The Negus Mine warehouse

  4.  4. The 5207 Brock Drive shed

  5.  5. Ragged Ass Road

  6.  6. Woodyard Neighbourhood

  7.  7. If walls could talk...

  8.  8. News of the North newspaper

  9.  9. The Cultural Crossroads

  10.  10. Peace River Flats neighbourhood

  11.  11. Lois Lane Street

  12.  12. Chippy Loutitt's cabin

  13.  13. Cabin decorated with mosaics

  14.  14. Mc Avoy Street

  15.  15. The Anderson-Thomson's house

  16.  16. The log cabin

  17.  17. Canadian Mining Corporation

  18.  18. The Yellowknife Hardware

  19.  19. First Capitol theater entrance

  20.  20. Government Dock

  21.  21. The Rock

  22.  22. Pilot's Monument

  23.  23. Quarter of the Hudson Bay staff

  24.  24. Doornbos' cabin (Doornbos Lane)

  25.  25. Wildcat Café

  26.  26. From shore to the highest heaven

  27.  27. Canadian Pacific Air

  28.  28. Hudson's Bay warehouses

  29.  29. Jock McKeenan, prospector

  30.  30. Latham Island

  31.  31. Bank of Toronto

  32.  32. The N'Dilo community

  33.  33. The 16 Morrison Drive Shed

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