Clovis | Victorian-inspired house

A little dog like no one


The work Clovis, created by Paryse Martin, is inspired by the world of storytelling and the observation of vegetation.

Photo credit: Philippe Boite.

Little Mad Scientist

This bronze is exhibited at the Musée des Beaux art du Québec.

Artist: Paryse Martin.

The wave paths | Paryse Martin

Located at entrance # 1 of Place Ste-Foy, this work, which takes its anchors on the wall and integrates into the environment by partially covering the ceiling, represents a fantastic nature composed of branches with unique vegetation and birds, while the seasons are evoked through four trees, summer, spring, autumn and winter.

Photo credit Paryse Martin

Wave Topology

This other work, entitled Cache du domaine, is located in Thetford Mines.

Photo courtesy.


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