Kapuskasing Inn

Kapuskasing Inn

The site you are standing before today was the location of the famed Kapuskasing Inn. Built in an impressive Neo-Tudor style, the Kapuskasing Inn opened in 1928 and was the pride of town.  Commissioned by the Spruce Falls Company Ltd., the 90-room hotel was built by architect George Roper Gouinlock, son of George Wallace Gouinlock, best known for being the chief architect of the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. 

Royal Guests

Source : Pathé Archives - In 1951, the Princess (the future Queen) and her husband, Prince Philippe, visited the Spruce Falls factory in addition to attending a reception at the Kapuskasing Inn.

A landmark in flames

The landmark inn closed in 2002 and fell in disrepair but was slated for renovation by new investors. On May 22, 2007, youths set fire to the inn damaging it beyond repair. The arsonists who were below the age of criminal responsibility at the time of the fire, were never charged.  The remains of the inn were demolished in May and June 2008.

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Self-Guided Tour of Kapuskasing and Hearst Region

Self-Guided Tour of Kapuskasing and Hearst Region image circuit

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