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Discover Northern Ontario’s Francophone Heritage

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Hearst, Ontario, Canada

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Destination Northern Ontario

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Discover Northern Ontario’s Francophone Heritage


After 1910, francophones began arriving from Quebec and sometimes Acadia to farm the land or work in forests and mines in northern Ontario. The remoteness of the municipalities found there has left a natural heritage largely intact (countless lakes and rivers for fishing, scenic trails for walking, cycling, skiing, snowmobiling or quadding, game-rich forests for hunting, etc.). 

At any given time, outdoor activities and warm hospitality are among the region’s best assets.

We invite you to discover some of these cities and regions with an important Francophone cultural heritage.

The region of Hearst is home to more Francophones than anywhere else in Ontario. In Hearst, a town of 5,000 residents, 9 in 10 people are French-speaking. In Kapuskasing, a town of 8,000 residents, 70% of the population is French-speaking.

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Destination Northern Ontario

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