Cannonball at the Foot of a Tree

Attacks on Québec City

From June 26th to September 13th 1759, the British Army worked hard to take control of Quebec City, already occupied by the French. The British Army cannons, located on the other side of the river, fired thousands of cannonball and incendiary bombs on the city, like the one that you can see at the bottom of this tree.

The Battle of the Plains of Abraham

After these bombings, the legendary Battle of the Plains of Abraham took place and the French Army surrendered afterwards.

How long did the Battle of the Plains of Abraham last?

A Very Short Battle

The Battle of the Plains of Abraham only lasted about fifteen minutes!

The British Army soldiers climbed the hills of Quebec while the French Army, weak after months of bombings, was quickly trapped on its own territory. The British then took control of Quebec City.

1759: the Bombings of Québec

Distinction: Cannonball and Bomb


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