Torii Gate

Torii Gate - Background Info

LOCATION: near 5284 Wharf Ave. (pedestrian pier at Trail Bay)
SCULPTURE: Torii Gate, 2002
ARTISTS: Timber Framers Guild of North America

A Torii Gate is a traditional Japanese gate, typically located at the entrance to a Shinto Shrine, marking the passage from the profane into the sacred.

Torii Gate - Construction Info

This Torii Gate was a project of the Timber Framer's Guild of North America and erected in the summer of 2002. The gate stands 25ft. high and 30ft. wide. The Timber Framers Guild began in 1984 as a nonprofit educational association. Guild members from across Canada and the United States came to Sechelt to help build both this structure and the Seaside Centre (located at 5790 Teredo St.).


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