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Voices from Another Time | The Saint-Edmond Cemetery

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Coaticook, Québec, Canada

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Ville de Coaticook

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Voices from Another Time | The Saint-Edmond Cemetery


Located high above town, at the back of Saint-Edmond Church, the first Catholic cemetery in the Coaticook region provides a stunning view of the surrounding landscapes.

The beauty of its design, inspired in part by the 19th-century garden cemeteries in Britain, and the quality of its funerary heritage will remain etched in your memory. As you stroll along its paths, you’ll travel back in time to discover Coaticook in the olden days.

Officially founded in 1868, Saint-Edmond Cemetery is also the site of graves from the 1850s. The ancestors of almost every French-speaking family in the region are buried here.

A guide will accompany you throughout your visit, and three ghosts from the grave will tell their tales from another time: Laurencia Charron-Lapointe, mother and seamstress at Penman’s, carter Pierre Dionne, and blacksmith Joseph Hugron.

Together with its photographs and archival documents, this audioguide will help make your visit of the Saint-Edmond Cemetery a memorable one. Be sure to travel to the cemetery itself: onsite, you will fully appreciate the beauty and the spirit of the place!

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Production: Les Productions Traces et Souvenances
Research, script, composition of texts, narration: Anne Dansereau
English translation: Stevenson & Writers Inc.
Artistic advisor and recordings director: Lysanne Gallant
Recording: Larry O’Malley, Audiobec Sono/Vidéo
Voice of Pierre Dionne: Jacques Quintin
Voice of Joseph Hugron: Nelson Gonyer
Voice of Laurencia Charron-Lapointe: Nancy Roy
Photographs: Anne Dansereau
We thank the Société d’histoire de Coaticook, the Beaulne Museum, Marcel Hugron, and Huguette Lapointe-Provencher for the archival photographs.
Producer: Municipality of Coaticook

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