The Bullock's Bistro Log Cabin

The Bullock's Bistro

Bullock's Bistro fish & chips

The Bullock's Bistro, founded by Harry Weaver and Bob Devore, is considering by the Rider's Digest as the best place in the world to eat a fish & chips.

Harry Weaver

Harry Weaver (holding the magnifying glass) and Sam Otto, another Yellowknife's pioneers.

Photo source: NWT ArchivesSam Otto fondsN-2002-002 0019.

Weaver & Devore

After arriving in Yellowknife by barge from Peace River (Alberta) in 1936, Harry Weaver and Bob Devore founded the Weaver & Devore shop. Photograph dating from the 1950s.

Photo source: NWT Archives/Henri Busse/N-1979-052-4672.

Weaver & Devore

Inside the Weaver & Devore shop back in the days.

Photo source: NWT ArchivesSam Otto fondsN-2002-002 0024.


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