A Boom for the Economy

A Boom for the Economy

The effects of the railway on the region were many and varied. Construction boomed in Fort-Coulonge, Campbell's Bay and Shawville. As more and more mills opened up, Fort-Coulonge became known as the region’s wood capital. Rather than floating the logs on the river, the wood began to be sawn in Pontiac and then shipped by rail. Fort-Coulonge also became a major supplier of wood pulp to the EB Eddy Pulp and Paper company in Hull.

Railway construction had also been good for the local economy: local timber was bought for ties, trestles, telegraph poles, and buildings, and stone from local quarries was used for the rail bed. The need for ongoing maintenance and repair created local employment. The train also had an impact on everyday life. People started travelling more, and a reliable daily postal service became available.


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The Cyclopark PPJ: A Pontiac Train Story

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