First United Church

The first United church

Arvida's first United church was built on the corner of Moissan and Regnault Streets.

Source: Rio Tinto.

The fire

News report on the fire that destroyed Arvida’s Protestant church on June 8, 1946.

Source: Le Lingot, June 21, 1946, p. 4.

The First United Church and St. George the Martyr Church

The Arvida First United Church (on the right) and St. George the Martyr Church (on the left), both built in 1949.

Source: Sir William Price Heritage Centre. Gil Lemieux Collection. B21_X.7.64.

St. George the Martyr Church

The interior of St. George the Martyr Church.

Source: Sir William Price Heritage Centre. MacDougall Collection.

The First United Church

On 12 December 1926, the United Church holds its first religious service in Arvida. It is at first in a private house and then in the Protestant school that the Reverend Campbell officiates the first masses. On 8 April 1928, Easter Day, members of the United Church attend the first service held in the new church. Located at the corner of Moissan and Regnault Streets, the First United Church serves as a host community for non-Francophones. Thus, the building becomes known as the “community church”.

The red brick church integrates in its architecture the metal at the origin of the foundation of Arvida : aluminum. Behind the building is the Protestant cemetery, which is eventually relocated. Expansion projects are discussed after the church is destroyed by fire on 8 June 1946. It is not until 1949 that two new churches are built : St. George the Martyr and the First United Church.

Castner Park

Castner Park, where the First United Church used to be.

Source: Sir William Price Heritage Centre.

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Arvida, City of Aluminum

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