The Hygiene Movement

Plan for the City of Arvida

This plan for the City of Arvida was created by Harry Beardslee Brainerd and Hjalmar Ejnar Skougor in 1925.

Source: City of Saguenay.

Zoning legend

The legend of the zoning plan for Arvida by Brainerd and Skougor.

Source: City of Saguenay.

Map of Riverside

A map of the city of Riverside, Illinois, which was inspired by the urban hygiene movement, as shown by the respect for the topography and by the bypassing of geographical accidents.

The schools' district

The schools' district, an example of the influence of the urban hygiene movement in Arvida.

Source: Canada Research Chair on urban heritage, UQÀM.

The Hygiene Movement

The unhygienic conditions of eighteenth-century cities lead to the idea that the latter must be reorganised in order to benefit from clean air. In the nineteenth century, this awareness gives rise to an urban design approach called the hygiene movement, which calls for the transformation of urban spaces. American landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted follows this trend and advocates preserving cities’ natural elements in order to create green spaces.

Arvida's plan was realized by taking into account the importance of keeping green spaces. The street alignments and the parcel division follow the topography, and allow the preservation of the School District.

School's District 360°

360° view :


Click here and here to check out the schools' district

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Arvida, City of Aluminum

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