Domaine du Clos de l'Isle

Daniel Harrisson - passionate ambassador

Welcome to Bécancour, Sainte-Angèle sector

Located on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, opposite Trois-Rivières, the sector of Sainte-Angèle-de-Laval (in the City of Bécancour) is located between Lake Saint-Paul and the Godefroy and Gentilly Rivers. 

This area was surrounded by waterways at one time and the residents were called  “les habitants de l'Isle”, or the residents of the Isle.


11 100, chemin des Coquelicots, Bécancour

Welcome to Domaine du Clos de l’Isle! 

When you arrive on site, you will notice the large burgundy house and the vines perched on the promontory, as well as the gardens located below, at the level of the St. Lawrence River. These gardens are a stunning collection that you can also visit while there.

When you visit the estate, you will discover what the owner, Daniel Harrisson is most passionate about: viticulture and horticulture.

Some background information

In 1998, Daniel Harrisson became owner of the land, a 2.5-hectare estate.

While pondering what kind of project he could link with his horticultural company, a friend mentioned that he could investigate growing vines. This suggestion peaked his interest and motivated him to create a unique vineyard in the heart of a garden.

Planting vines

The vineyard was created in 2004, after planting 5,000 vines.

Many grape varieties

While walking through the vineyard, visitors can admire the impressive vines. Here, you will find eleven (11) different grape varieties that are allocated as follows:

Red wines and rosé:

2,000 Maréchal-Foch plants
2,000 Frontenac Gris plants
1,000 Sainte-Croix plants
800 Marquette plants
800 Pinot Noir plants
500 Petite Perle plants
300 Seyval plants

White wines:

1,000 Vidal plants
1,000 Louise Swanson plants
1,500 Saint-Pépin plants
400 La Crescent plants

Wine tasting

Visit the shop to taste the many products available at vineyard.

Diversified products

The vineyard produces seven (7) wines. 

Among these, there are (2) white wines: La Fine Fleur and Le Lilas Bécancour. La Fine Fleur is an amalgam of the Louise Swenson, Geisenheim and Saint-Pépin varieties. The Lilas Bécancour was created using the Vidal variety.

The vineyard also has three (3) red wines: Le Clos Notre-Dame, L'Isle and the Pinot noir. 

Le Clos Notre-Dame, a medium bodied red wine with a spicy and peppery flavour to finish, is made using the Maréchal Foch variety. L'Isle is a light wine that combines the Sainte-Croix, Marquette and Gamay varieties. Lastly, the Pinot noir is a blend of pinot noir (90%) and Petite Perle (10%).

And for the rosé wine, L'Été en rose is a single variety of Frontenac Gris and the Doux Frisson, a late harvest wine that is created using a base of Frontenac gris, a great pairing with desserts.

Les Hémérocalles de l’Isle

Located just below the vineyard, near the St. Lawrence River, visitors can admire the Les Hémérocalles de l’Isle garden.

Daniel Harrisson, a daylily hybrid owner since 2004, can teach you about his very first passion, the cultivation of daylilies, irises and hostas.

You can also experience an official demo garden belonging to the American Hemerocallis Society.

A terrace with a view

Finish your visit by taking a load off and enjoy a little relaxation time on the large outdoor terrace overlooking the river.

The owner highly recommends having a picnic with local flavours and wines produced on-site.  

Enjoy your visit

For more product information, you can visit the Domaine du Clos de l'Isle website.  

Enjoy your visit to Bécancour!

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