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Plessisville, Maple capital

Plessisville has always been drenched in maple syrup! In 1928, the headquarters of the Coopérative des producteurs de sirop d'érable du Québec was founded in Plessisville. 

Known as Citadelle, this cooperative is the world’s leading exporter of 100% pure maple syrup. The cooperative exports to more than 40 countries. 

1280, avenue Trudelle, Plessisville

When you arrive, make your way to the Carrefour de l'Érable. The building is home to the Délices, Érable et Cie boutique, as well as the Maison créative et rurale Armand-Vaillancourt, the welcome centre of the Parc régional des Grandes-Coulées and a tourist information centre.

Welcome to Délices, Érable et Cie in Plessisville

Created by Citadelle, a cooperative of maple syrup producers, the Délices, Érable et Cie boutique in Plessisville sells delicious maple, cranberry and honey products. There is something to satisfy food-lovers and foodies. It’s also a wonderful place to stop along the Bourbon River.

Before the tasty treats, a cooperative history

Behind the concept of the Délices, Érable et Cie boutique and bistro, is the story of Citadelle, a cooperative of maple syrup producers in Quebec. Their story began in the early 1920s when it became obvious that there was a need to the ensure quality control, manufacturing processes and the sales of maple syrup throughout the Quebec maple syrup industry. The cooperative project began around 1924 and on May 2, 1925, the Coopérative des producteurs de sucre d’érable du Québec was created.

In 1927, they chose Plessisville as the location for building a new factory. It was selected because of its large maple syrup production and its ideal location halfway between Beauce and Estrie, two other significant syrup-producing regions. It was also close to the Grand-Tronc railway, which made the site an ideal location for a factory, and made it easier to transport and ship products by train. The construction of the factory was completed in September 1928.

Before the tasty treats (cont’d)

In addition to standardizing maple syrup production, the cooperative made it possible for producers to access cooperative tools and services, develop new maple products and ensure a sales force on international markets.

In June 1996, the cooperative adopted the name we know today: Citadelle, coopérative de producteurs de sirop d’érable. This new name highlighted the company’s first trademark, Citadelle, patented in 1927. The idea for the brand name dated back to the cooperative’s beginnings when the head office was located in Lévis, where employees could see the citadel in Quebec on the other side of the river.

Today, the cooperative continues to innovate and now has nearly 2,000 maple syrup, cranberry and honey producing members in 11 regions across Quebec.

The story of Délices, Érable et Cie

In the late 1990s, Citadelle created the Les Délices de l’Érable boutique bistro. The first shop opened in 1999 in Vancouver. Then came those in Montreal, Quebec City and Plessisville between 2002 and 2007.

The cooperative’s goal was to proudly promote maple products, offer a collection of high-end tertiary processing products and innovate in the art of their uses.

Since then, Citadelle has added cranberries and honey to its product offer. With these additions, the Délices, Érable et Cie brand was created in 2016, replacing the name Les Délices de l’Érable.

From pure maple syrup to molecular cuisine products, at Délices, Érable et Cie, you will find a wide variety of gourmet products, from the most traditional to the most innovative.

The Délices Érable et Cie concept

The concept behind the Délices, Érables et Cie shop in Plessisville is unique and offers a different experience from that of the other bistros in Montreal, Quebec City and Vancouver.

Located in the heart of the Carrefour de l’Érable, the bistro has a very cozy relaxation area where local and regional culture are pillars of the eatery. Outside, nature offers an enchanting setting near the Bourbon River where visitors can simply relax or have a picnic.

This concept offers a variety of experiences: the boutique, bistro and takeaway areas, free samples and an educational experience with little explanations about the different products. Come and see for yourself!

Bistro, coffee and frozen treats

The bistro area offers speciality coffees and an ice-cream counter where delicious Italian ice creams are served to customers. Citadelle created sorbets and gelatos that are sweetened entirely with maple syrup or honey.  

A shop for food-lovers and foodies

The gourmet boutique offers a wide variety of maple, cranberry and honey products. And with no artificial flavours. Maybe you’ll find some recipes too!
Grouped by themes like Les authentiques, Les essentiels pour cuisiner and Les gourmands, you can discover maple syrups and maple butters (whether they are plain or flavoured), vinaigrettes, mustards and the famous maple leaf cookies.

You can buy these products individually or in gift baskets.

The enchanting setting of the Bourbon River Park

To end your visit on a high note, take a break outside. You will notice the large urban park bordered by the Bourbon River. It’s a local favourite for cultural gatherings and a must-see for visitors passing through. It is also very popular with cyclists and those walking.

In 1991, the Armand-Vaillancourt walkway was inaugurated. This pedestrian bridge, located on the site of the Carrefour de l'Érable, crosses the Bourbon River for 60 metres.

Made from metal parts, the bridge was designed by Armand Vaillancourt, an internationally renowned artist with the help of engineer Clément Vigneault. In addition to the metal, concrete and wood were also used to create the imposing structure. A hiking a cycling trail makes it possible for visitors to loop around the river.

Sit back and enjoy your products while taking in the beauty of the landscape!

Photo credit: Karolle Grondin

Enjoy your visit

Visit the Délices Érable et Cie website for more information about the abovementioned products.
Enjoy your time in Plessisville!

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