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Frédéric Vincent - passionate ambassador

Welcome to Warwick

Located at the foot of the Appalachians, the town of Warwick is situated in the municipality of Warwick.

It is famous for its dairy industry, agri-food processing and local products. There are also large industries that are very active in the municipality, including the Yum Yum chip factory.

And according to popular belief, the famous poutine was invented in Warwick.

Overlooking the municipality, it’s hard to miss Mont Gleason, a family ski resort where the Appalachian foothills start.

63, rang des Buttes, Warwick

While travelling along the rang des Buttes in Warwick, you will be struck by the beauty of the landscapes that surround you.

As you continue, you will surely notice a barn painted with trendy colours – grey and orange. Make your way over there. It’s the Érablière aux Petits Plaisirs, where tradition and innovation join together to greet visitors.

Welcome to Érablière aux Petits Plaisirs

Frédéric Vincent and his wife Marie-Ève, co-owners of l’Érablière aux Petits Plaisirs gave themselves a mission: promote their grandmother Moreau’s family traditions and recipes while innovating and introducing new maple products to the community.

Grandma Moreau, at the heart of their traditions

Grandma Moreau is Frédéric’s maternal grandmother. She was also the cook at the rang des Moreau sugar shack in Warwick for quite a while. For nearly 50 years, once sugaring season had arrived, Grandma Moreau took over the boilers and prepared her famous traditional meals.

You might cross paths with her while you’re visiting the sugar shack, she happily shares her recipes with her grandchildren at the rang des Buttes!

A modern sugar shack

When you enter the main building, you will notice the modern feel of the premises right away, matching the style of the young owners.

During the sugaring season, the table is set is a friendly way for meals and family get-togethers.

A glimpse inside the kitchen

There is a window into the kitchen so that patrons can observe the cooks in real time while they prepare the various dishes that will be served to the guests.

The maple products shop

Around the main hall, the maple product displays will surely catch your eye and entice you to take a closer look.

The shop area holds a wide variety of quality products, ranging from the most traditional, like maple syrup, butter and sugar, to newer products like sparkling maple chocolate, maple mustard and cranberry maple butter.

Gift-wrapping will delight those who wish to give someone (or give themselves) a little something from the shop. And if you like, you can also order online, year-round!

Traditional dishes

Throughout the sugaring season, relatives and friends gather round to enjoy a delicious meal at the sugar shack.

The Érablière aux Petits Plaisirs’ traditional menu is based on Grandma Moreau’s tasty recipes: baked beans, maple ham, grilled meats, eggs in maple syrup, pancakes, maple syrup dumplings and more. There’s everything you could dream of, even marinades!

You can also purchase them in the shop.

Marie’s little extras

The Érablière aux Petits Plaisirs has a particular challenge – promote Grandma Moreau’s knowledge while meeting the non-conformist ideas of Marie-Ève, the co-owner.

That is why in addition to the traditional sugar shack menu, there is an added component called the “menu de la Relève” also known as “Marie’s little extras”, which includes several small bonuses like the exquisite Moreau maple sausages, a secret family recipe.

Maple taffy

A visit to Érablière aux Petits Plaisirs wouldn’t be complete without trying some of the maple taffy.

Although traditionally created on snow or a refrigerated surface, Érablière aux Petits Plaisirs has maple taffy that is unique. It is created on chilled ceramic platters. 

You will have the opportunity to taste the syrup like it’s right out of the boiler, no water or snow to dilute its amazing sweetness. You can simply delight in pure maple flavour!

Enjoy your visit

You can visit the Érablière aux Petits Plaisirs website for more information.

Enjoy your visit in Warwick!

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