Our Lady Of Lourdes school

Our Lady of Lourdes, Born St. Mary's

Source audio :Photo: Glenbow Archives (NC-24-37; 1911) St. Mary's School; Voice: Marilyn Williams

A Quality Education

Source audio :Photo Glenbow Archives (NC-3550-15, 1919) Students and teacher at St. Mary's School; Voice: Kenneth LaPointe

A Community in Turmoil

Source audio :Glenbow Archives (PA-3573-1, April, 22, 2002) Delores Roller Woolrich at a demonstration to prevent the destruction of St. Mary's School; Voice: Marilyn Williams

Our Lady of Lourdes School today

This school currently offers an alternative for students with social, family, emotional or learning difficulties. The teaching staff also provides specialized support for complex behaviour issues. 

The integration of teacher’s aides and therapists allows Our Lady of Lourdes School staff to work closely with students and parents to meet individual learning needs. 
Our Lady of LourdesSchool also offers a transition program that allows students to remain in contact with their school and local community as required. 

The teaching staff supports youth in all situations with individualized programs and behavioural support. Its primary objective is to help students develop a repertoire of strategies that will help them successfully return to school.

Source: Our lady of Lourdes School; Photo: Arnaud Barbet, the replica of St. Mary's School, now called Our Lady of Lourdes, similar to the old building, 2019.

A Battle to Keep the Heritage

Source vidéo :Production and Direction: Dany Côté - DCCLIC; Arnaud Barbet

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