Villa Jean Toupin

Villa Franco, a Place for Francophone Seniors

Source audio :Société Franco-Canadienne de Calgary; Photo: DCCLIC, the building called Villa Franco for many years was rename Villa Jean Toupin, 2109; Voice: Marilyn Williams

Who was Jean Toupin?

Jean Toupin pioneered the francophone cause in Calgary. In addition to his qualities as benefactor, founder and builder, he was an exemplary husband and father.

President of the Société franco-canadienne de Calgary, his tireless devotion led him to plan and set up the Villa Jean Toupin, a modern independent living residence for francophone seniors.

This French language aficionado remains an inspiration for all Francophones.

The Franco Canadian Society of Calgary promotes the development and promotion of the French language in Calgary. It supports the French Canadian community, working in the development and promotion of its culture, to maximize its visibility and pride. It promotes French Canadian culture through education and other cultural and social goals.

Source and photo: The Société Franco-Canadienne de Calgary, Portrait of Jean Toupin.

Francophonie: Albertan Arrow Sash

Source vidéo :Production and Direction: Dany Côté - DCCLIC; Arnaud Barbet

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