San Esteban Church

The Knights' Neighbourhood

The Knights' neighbourhood gathers manors and palaces of the noble families, like the palaces of the Floresta de Trifontane, of the count Cheste and of Uceda-Peralta.

This neighbourhood is full of Roman churches: the San Juan de los Caballeros church (housing the Zuloaga museum), the San Nicolas church (today a municipal theatre workshop) and the San Esteban Church, XIII century building whose tower and parvis are jewels of the late Roman style in Spain.

Christ's Oath

According to a legend, a young man completely in love with a young virtuous girl, he requested her favours under a promise of marriage, when she was praying in the name of Christ of Santiago. Fearing the boy's extravagance, the young girl conceded, but he didn't keep his word. She decided to call on the bishop, who demanded to meet a witness of the events. The girl told him to ask God, who had to rip the nails off his hand to be able to take the oath.


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