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The Legendary Sites of Segovia

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Ségovie, Espagne

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Odile Cayrols

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The Legendary Sites of Segovia


Segovia, located 92 km in the northwest of Madrid, bears witness to a rich past, rich in legends. The foundation of this city, dating back more than 2000 years, goes back to Celtic times.

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The city was built on a limestone rock at an altitude of over 1000 meters. Its profile, which stands out of the azure sky of Castile, is, since the XVI century, compared to a stone vessel. It seems to be waiting for the two rivers, Eresma and Clamores, meeting at its base, to flow into the valley to end up in the surrounding plains.

The origins of the city of Segovia are a mystery. However, it is possible to declare with absolute accuracy that the city was populated in pre-Roman times. Its majestic Aqueduct symbolizes the indelible mark inherited from Rome.

Repopulated in 1088, Segovia accumulated centuries of a radiant history. The textile industry and the trade in the wool and made the city prosper, then divided into two geographic and social areas: the walled area welcomed the nobility and the clergy, while the productive activity developed in the faubourgs, on the banks of the Eresma and the Clamores. From this prosperity, the construction of many churches, convents, fortresses, palaces and other elements that form an architectural complex much appreciated by the visitors come out from the XII and XVII centuries.

Creation and research: Odile Cayrols.
Jesús Pastor Martín ("Leyendas populares e insólitas de Segovia". Ediciones Derviche, 2012).

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