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Whitehorse with a French Touch

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Association franco-yukonnaise

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Whitehorse with a French Touch


Follow in the footsteps of Yukon Francophones and discover their heritage in downtown Whitehorse.

Armed with their courage, the first Francophones set foot in the Yukon in the late 1820s. For the most part, they were coureurs de bois who had worked for the Hudson’s Bay Company where they were involved in the fur trade with the region’s First Nations.

In the 1870s, large numbers of Francophone gold prospectors, clerics and entrepreneurs decided to make a go of it as well. As a result, during the Klondike Gold Rush, French Canadians were already well established in the region, where they played an important role in the local social and political life. During the last century, high emigration following the decline of the Gold Rush, isolation and the lack of adequate infrastructure made English the language of choice, despite an ongoing Francophone presence.

After the Second World War, owing to the development of infrastructure and mining activities, Francophones gradually repopulated the territory, along with others. In the early 1980s, Yukon’s Francophones came together to protect their language rights and establish institutions and services vital to ensuring that their language and culture flourished.

Today, the Francophone community is recognized and highly visible; it is an integral part of the Yukon community.

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Association franco-yukonnaise

Stéphanie Chevalier

Françoise La Roche

Penni Jacques

Johan Demarle

Economic Development Department, Government of Yukon
Government of Canada

Yann Herry, Nancy Power

Photo: Mural of Kébec, 400 ans d’histoire de la francophonie canadienne. Created by Marie-Hélène Comeau, Amber Renée Walker and Dan Benoît, 2008.

Aperçu de la carte et des points d'intérêt

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  1.  1. Centre de la francophonie

  2.  2. LePage park

  3.  3. Miner statue

  4.  4. The Taylor House

  5.  5. 4121 4th Avenue

  6.  6. Sacred Heart Cathedral

  7.  7. The Sisters and education

  8.  8. The Cyr House

  9.  9. The Oblate Fathers

  10.  10. The clay cliffs

  11.  11. French education in the Yukon

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