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Outlet Tour

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Magog, Québec, Canada

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1,42 km

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  • En permanence, à l’année

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Ville de Magog

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Outlet Tour


On The Outlet Tour, we’ll roam the streets south of the river, the area that was the original hub of town life. You’ll discover the architecture of buildings constructed during the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Tangible signs of the lives led by the people of Magog, these homes and other types of buildings have marked the milestones in the history of our town. Their architecture takes us back in time and provides clues to important events in the history of Magog and the lives of its first residents.

At the entrance of Pointe Merry Park, near Merry Street South. Then, follow the directions on the map.

The original project of this heritage circuit (originally available on audioguide only) was designed thanks to an initiative of the City of Magog and to the municipal financial implication and the granting of subsidies from the MRC de Memphrémagog, the Ministry of Culture and Communications of Quebec, as well as the management of the Corporation du Chemin des Cantons and the Ministry of Tourism. The transfer of this circuit on mobile application was carried out under the Cultural Development Agreement between the City of Magog and the Ministry of Culture and Communications of Quebec.

The commentary you’ve been listening to was written in French by Anne Brigitte Renaud, special project manager at the City of Magog’s recreation and culture department, and translated by the local firm Stevenson & Writers. The text is based on essays by historians Jean-Pierre Kesteman and Maurice Langlois on the inventory and study of Magog’s heritage buildings. The text also draws on columns and other documents written by members of the Magog Historical Society, and on various Web sites on architectural heritage. 

For questions about the heritage circuits, contact the City of Magog. To learn more about the history of the city, visit the City of Magog web site, under the Culture and Heritage section, or the Historical Society of Magog web site.

Please respect people’s privacy in their homes by remaining on the sidewalk. 

Enjoy your tour!


Initial project 2010 (audioguides):
Division Culture, Bibliothèque et Patrimoine - Ville de Magog:
Anne Brigitte Renaud, Denise Roy

Historical Society of Magog:
Serge Gaudreau, Maurice Langlois, David Laplante

MRC de Memphrémagog:
Sophie Charbonneau

Transfer on mobile application (2017):
Division Culture, Bibliothèque et Patrimoine - Ville de Magog:
Edith Thibodeau, Denise Roy, Pascale Goulet-Boudreau

Historical Society of Magog:
Josianne Jetté

BaladoDiscovery App:
Kevin Ross

For all credits associated with this project, please consult the Network Magog Heritage Tours on BaladoDiscovery.

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